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Shocking! This animal was used as sex slave for 6 years before she was rescued


Jakarta, Nov 29: We have heard about trafficking women and children and forcing them into prostitution. But here is a heart-breaking story of an orangutan facing the same agony or even worse- chained to a wall and lying in a dirty environment with full make-up. Named Pony, she waited for her next client to sexually abuse her!

Shocking! This animal was used as sex slave for 6 years before she was rescued

According to a report in the Irish Sun, Pony was exploited by men working in the nearby palm oil farm in the island of Borneo in a brothel in lieu of paying money. And this ordeal of the poor animal went on for six long years.

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Pony was stolen from her mother when she was a baby and she was shaved everyday and even taught how to perform sexual acts. Her skin was left irritated and full of sores because of the regular shaving.

Orangutans' existence are under threat because of commercial exploitation of their habitats in places like Borneo and Sumatra and on the top of it, they have fallen victims of illegal ape trafficking where they are sold for up to a price of £10,000 via the black market. The animals are even bought through social media sites.

Pony has taken over a decade to recover from the horror she faced, the Irish Sun report added. She was rescued in 2003, thanks to a noble effort by Michelle Desilets, a former teacher who volunteered to take care of orphaned orangutans in Borneo in mid-1990s and was the director of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK.

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"It was horrifying. She was a sex slave - it was grotesque. She was covered in abscesses, and they put make-up and earrings on her. She must have been in so much pain. It was horrible to think about how terrified she must have been," Desilets was quoted as saying by The Sun Online.

Her rescue was not easy though as the local villagers resisted to let her go as she bought good money. It took 35 armed police personnel to rescue the primate, the report said.

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