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President Trump completes 2 years: US retreat from globalism has become rule of the day

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Washington, Jan 20: US President Donald Trump completed two years in office on Sunday, January 20. The Republican incumbent now has covered half of the journey of his first term in the office and it has been quite an eventful time: both in the US's domestic and foreign affairs.

President Trump completes 2 years: US retreat from globalism has become rule of the day

However, it is in the foreign affairs that the US has witnessed unusual developments since Trump took over in 2017 and with each passing month and day, the president has ensured that the world's only superpower retreats more into a shell, leaving profound repercussions on key issues across the globe. However, it is not Trump who is backtracking as the first president. After the years of overreaching in foreign policy matters which was more of a logical conclusion of the Cold War era, the US faced backlashes both at home and abroad and Barack Obama administration started the process of reversing Washington's foreign policy that stressed on globalism. Despite presence of threats in Ukraine and Syria, Obama's US did not cross the line as his predecessor George W Bush had done in Afghanistan and Iraq. Trump, though apparently is opposed to Obama's policies, has continued with the same in foreign affairs, letting go Washington's outward looking foreign policies.

Trump, however, did not weigh between the necessary and unnecessary. While he vowed to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan which many thought was good for regional stability, he also pulled out from key international multilateral mechanisms like Paris Climate Agreement and nuclear deal with Iran. Agreements like Nafta and Nato also came under intense criticism from President Trump. The surprising factor, however, is that Trump, while trying to distance the US from old allies, tried to cultivate relations with not-so democratic and completely undemocratic regimes in Russia, China and North Korea. This has been one of the contradictory features of the Trump administration and has enraged people although Washington also passed legislation like CAATSA during his time to penalise anybody trying for having friendly relations with the so-called enemy countries.

No wall yet in two years

The unilateral retreat of the US has been a high point of the Trump era and the last two years have seen a number of occasions when it has been reaffirmed. Trump though has not been able to build a wall along the Mexico border which would be symbolic of his inward-looking rule and has led to a government shutdown for almost a month now.

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