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Personal email for govt business: Comparing Ivanka with Hillary unfair, says Donald Trump


Washington, Nov 21: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 21, came to the defence of his daughter Ivanka, a senior adviser at the White House, after the latter was accused of using a personal email account for government business. The incident has created a fresh new controversy in the political circles of the US and the Democrats-dominated House of Representatives have sought to investigate the matter in further details.

US President Donald Trump

According to a Washington Post report, the president refused to entertain comparisons of his daughter with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton who he contested against in the 2016 presidential election. Trump had consistently criticised Clinton over reports of her using a private email server for official work during her stint as the state secretary in the Barack Obama administration that preceded that of Trump.

Karma! Now, Trump's daughter Ivanka accused of using personal email for govt businessKarma! Now, Trump's daughter Ivanka accused of using personal email for govt business

"They weren't classified like Hillary Clinton. They weren't deleted like Hillary Clinton, who deleted 33,000. She wasn't doing anything to hide her emails. I looked at it just very briefly today and the presidential records - they're all in presidential records. There was no hiding," Trump told reporters at the White House defending Ivanka before leaving for Florida.

"There was no server in the basement like Hillary Clinton had. You were talking about a whole different, you're talking about fake news. So what Ivanka did, it's all in the presidential records. Everything is there."

When asked whether he would permit the congressional Democrats to interview Ivanka, Trump said the former could take care of herself.

Trump downplays Ivanka's remarks on mediaTrump downplays Ivanka's remarks on media

It has been reported that Ivanka sent several emails last year to White House aides, officials and her assistants using a personal account and many of them were in violation with the federal rules.

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