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Orlando: Why is the AR-15 rifle the gold standard for mass murder


Orlando,June 13: There are statistics to show that the AR-15 assault rifle are 5 million in number in the United States of America. This powerful weapon which can spray 45 bullets in a minute is the same rifle used by Omar Mateen, the man behind the Orlando massacre.

While the AR-15 rifle is America's most powerful weapon, it has been used in a series of incidents which have claimed several lives. In this context one must also read the statistics relating to homicidal deaths in the United States of America.


Homicidal deaths alone in the United States of America account for 153,144 between the years 2001 and 2013.

However, in terrorist strikes the statistics for the United States of America suggest that 3,046 persons had died between the years 2001 and 2014.

A weapons of mass destruction:

The AR-15 rifle has been described as the gold standard for mass murder. This is a weapon that has been used by mass murderers in the past as well. In 2012 28 persons had been killed in Newtown. The same year also saw an incident in Aurora in which 12 persons were killed. Last year in San Bernardino, 14 persons were killed in a party.

This weapon is extremely popular and one must recollect that in 2011, the al-Qaeda had encouraged its supporters to purchase this weapons and make use of the lax gun norms in the country.

The al-Qaeda which released a video at that time urges its followers to purchase automatic weapons. Adam Gadahn the spokesperson of the outfit says in the video, " you can go to a gun show at the local convention and come back with a fully automatic rifle without a background check. In the US firearms are easily available. So what are you waiting for."[Barack Obama to go to Orlando to pay respects to victims]

The weapon with such capabilities becomes a favourite with both terrorists and criminals. It can be modified illegally and turned into fully automatic mode.

There have been raging debates on this weapon, but the National Rifle Association has defended its sale. It says that the weapon is used by good people for good reason to protect their homes and themselves.

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