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OneIndia cares: American who tried to save Indians in Kansas Bar needs funds for medical bills

By Vicky

"Heal the world make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race."

Ian Grillot is recovering in hospital after after being shot at while saving two Indians at a bar in Kansas on Thursday. As shots rang, Grillot without caring for his own life lunged at the shooter. While trying to save the lives of two Indians, he took a bullet.

Ian Grillot who saved Indians needs fund

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The killing of Srinivasa Kuchibhotla a Hyderabad based engineer has sent shock waves across the world. It was clearly a racial attack as the shooter yelled, "Get our of my country," before he shot at the Indian. Another Indian, Ashok was injured in the attack as well.

In these days of hatred, it is overwhelming to see the likes of Ian. He stood up for two people he did not even know too well. In this day and age when people shun their own, Ian comes as a welcome surprise. For those thousands of Indians in the US, Ian is a hero.

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For Ian, it was just another evening who walked into his favourite bar to unwind. Adam Purinton, the killer, however changed everything when he walked up to the two Indians and shot at them. Ian was not even in the line of fire, but he did all he could to diffuse the tension as he feared many more would have been shot. In the bargain, he took the bullet.

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Today as Ian recovers in hospital, a post that speaks about his lengthy road to recovery. How he will afford the treatment and walk on his feet again is a worry that is on his mind. A gofundme.com account has been set up for him.

On the page, it says," February 22, Wednesday night -- Ian found himself in the wrong place trying to be a helping hand. Ian stood up for two people being mistreated by a man who was in the wrong. Said man left and later returned to Austins Bar and Grill to open fire. Ian thought all rounds were done and tried to go after the man. This resulted in Ian being shot. He's going to have a lengthy recovery road and is already worried about how he will afford it which is the last thing he needs. Please help him to not worry about these bills. Thank you, His Sisters."

Let us do our bit for Ian. He stood up for all of us so that racism does not win. We at OneIndia.com laud the efforts of Ian and pray for his speedy recovery.

You can contribute to Ian here: Ian's Road to Recovery

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