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No demonetisation yet Russian man takes a bath tub full of coins to buy an Apple coin

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Moscow, Nov 19: There was no demonetisation in Russia but yet a man in Russia recently decided to do something which gave such an impression and it was bizarre, to say the least.

No demonetisation yet Russian man takes a bath tub full of coins to buy an Apple coin

Ludmila Semushina, head of public relations service, Inventive Retail Group, Moscow, posted a photo on her Facebook account last week showing a Russian going to an Apple store to buy the new iPhone XS not in cash or card but through a bath tub full of coins that he brought with him!

In the photo, it is seen a man counting the coins while people around him clicking the bizarre scene and looking stunned. Semushina wrote that the tub contained 100,000 Rubles (1 USD=66 Rubles). The new iPhone XS costs between $1,050-$1,500 in Russia.

The turtle who swallowed 1,000 'good-luck' coins!The turtle who swallowed 1,000 'good-luck' coins!

"What is it to be #clientorientated? It's when a customer decides to do some hype and brings in a bathtub of change to buy an iPhone and the seller calmly and patiently sits down to count out the bath," Semushina said, adding that it took around two hours to do with the counting.

Svyatoslav Kovalenko, a Russian blogger, later shared a video on Instagram explaining how he managed to carry the tub filled with 350 kilograms of coins to the phone store. According to a report in Moscow Times, those who brought the tub had at least two scuffles with the security guards before entering the store. The incident happened in Evropeisky Mall in central Moscow.

Grandma throws 'lucky' coins into engine, delays flightGrandma throws 'lucky' coins into engine, delays flight

Kovalenko later told ABC News that they decided to do an experiment and show people who refused to accept change. He said it was an effort to make people understand that even kopeks (Russian monetary unit) make up a currency.

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