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Mysterious objects spotted in Chinese skies: UFOs? Alien spacecrafts?


Beijing, June 03: A mysterious object was spotted on the sky across several Chinese provinces and many are claiming that it was a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object.

UFO refers to any flying object an observer cannot readily identify and many people link it to extraterrestrial spacecraft or alien sightings. UFOs have perplexed and fascinated people for decades and there are also long-standing stigmas associated with UFO sightings.

Mysterious objects spotted in Chinese skies: UFOs? Alien spacecrafts? What were they?

Chinese social media is abuzz with netizens claiming to have spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) across multiple provinces of China when the Navy was conducting military exercises, a PTI report said while quoting Chinese media.

Mysterious light appears on California sky, leaves many puzzled; What is it?Mysterious light appears on California sky, leaves many puzzled; What is it?

The reports of the UFO sightings came from Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and Henan provinces. Some netizens said it was not the first time they have spotted seeing such an object in the sky. Residents across several Chinese provinces took to social media claiming that they have spotted an UFO with a glowing fiery tail streak across the sky, the Global Times reported. This phenomemenon has left the UFO enthusiasts are excited.

In December last year, a ring with a tail shaped mysterious light that appeared over Sacramento and the Bay Area in California left many puzzled. This has left many Northern Californians guessing what the mysterious object might have been. The streak was primarily seen over Northern California but people also saw it as far away as Nevada and Oregon, said reports. A few weeks ago, a bright blue light was observed over Texas, and similarly left many puzzled.

As far as China UFO sightings are concerned, some netizens speculated that the mysterious object could be related to the military exercises in the Bohai Sea, such as a submarine-launched ballistic missile test. No official explanation has been given so far, the report said.

Last year in February, two pilots flying two different planes reportedly spotted a mysterious object flying high above Arizona, the USA's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said. It was the pilot of a Phoenix Air flight who initially reported about the sighting. He asked the control whether anything passed his plane to which the former responded 'no'. The air traffic control than asked the pilot of an American Airlines flight which was flying next to the first plane to confirm if he spotted anything flying over him.

UFOs have been subject to investigations over the years that varied widely in scope and scientific rigor. Governments or independent academics in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Peru, France, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, and the Soviet Union are known to have investigated UFO reports at various times.

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