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This mother wants to start ‘toilet tickets’ at home. Know why


Washington, Jan 28: Moms are homemakers in charge of the family but on many occasions it is seen that they themselves fail to get enough opportunity to use the toilet because it is occupied by members of the family.

While many mothers still compromised with her beloved ones, one did not. Fed up of seeing the toilet remaining occupied wither by her partner of children, she came out with a new rule which is stricter than the normal right to use toilets.

This mother wants to start ‘toilet tickets’ at home. Know why

According to parenting site Mumsnet, the woman wrote that since her house has only one toilet-cum-bathroom, it is mostly occupied by either her partner or the children although she herself doesn't spend too much time inside. Irked, she has decided to issue 'toilet tickets' for the rest of the family members.

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"Every time I walk upstairs to use the loo someone is in the toilet. I am much quicker at using the loo than the rest of the family. I'm sick of it and I'm going to start issuing time slots and punch cards," she wrote on Mumsnet.

She has also thought of electrifying the toilet so that anybody who uses it for more than five minutes get a shock -- "nasty" one.

The mother's unique solution has amused the netizens who have also suggested more ways of hacking the toilet to stop over occupation. One said electric shock as punishment for using more than five minutes was a too severe a punishment and suggested to make it 10 minutes at least.

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Another one suggested the family to have a second bathroom.

There were also other women who said they too were facing similar agony in life.

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