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‍List of worst passwords of 2018 revealed; ‘donald’ is among top 25


Washington, Dec 16: Passwords are something that sometimes block our own way to access our domains and to avoid the hard work of sweating our grey cells to remember them, many amongst us tend to use simple passwords, caring little for the fact that too simple passwords can make them vulnerable to hacking and loss of valuable data.

‍List of worst passwords of 2018 revealed; ‘donald’ is among top 25

Last Thursday, December 13, software firm SplashData came up with the list of the worst passwords used in 2018 after going through more than five million of them leaked online.

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The password that topped the list this year again is "123456" and it became the 'winner' of the dubious record for the fifth time. According to DataSplash, almost three per cent of those passwords seen was this sequence. The second in the list is "password" - the word itself kept as password which made it equally vulnerable. Four of the top five worst passwords are sequences starting with the number "1" (123456, 123456789, 12345678 and 12345). The word "donald" is the 23rd word password of the year, according to SplashData.

In a press release, the firm's CEO Morgan Slain said using such sort of passwords put one at "substantial risk" of getting hacked and see their identities getting stolen. On the usage of "donald" as password, Slain said: "Sorry, Mr. President, but this is not fake news - using your name or any common name as a password is a dangerous decision."

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It is often advised to use things like capital letters, special character, a numerical distinct from the old combination to create or reset a password online.

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