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IS documents reveal sinister plan to execute attacks in Europe, West Asia: report


London, March 25: The US has recently claimed that the Islamic State (IS) has lost its final stronghold in Syria. The terrorist outfit has also suffered adversity in Iraq and the double trouble is definitely going to push it to find new grounds elsewhere.

IS documents reveal sinister plan to execute attacks in Europe, West Asia: report

Documents received from the IS fighters who are on the retreat in Syria suggest that the outfit is planning to execute high-profile attacks in Europe and West Asia with the help of its newly former sleeper cell units, a report in British broadsheet Sunday Times said.

According to the Times, the information about the IS's plan was found in a flash drive that the IS forces had left behind in Syria and acquired by the Kurdish forces. The drive contained several internal documents of the IS, it was reported.

Among the documents found are many memoranda written by an IS operations planner named Abu Taher al-Tajiki. He said to be told the IS's senior leadership that he is in charge of several fighters who are keen to carry out attacks in areas "far away" from the IS's strongholds, in West Asia and Africa.

Final IS bastion in Syria has fallen, claim White House, Syrian Democratic Forces

He also wrote about the need for creating a Foreign Relations Office under the IS's State Department of Operations that will be assigned the task of executing attacks throughout Europe. He said the new office could also keep under count the assistance of computer hackers and other technically literate IS members.

Al-Tajiki said the fighters are waiting to get instructions to carry out the operations and also suggested creation of "crocodile cells" in both Syria and Iraq that will "lurk beneath the surface" and "attack at the right moment to assassinate the enemies of Allah".

IS without territories could be even dangerous

While many have rejoiced the IS's retreat, David Kenner has said in an article in 'The Atlantic' that IS without territories is even dangerous. He said on one hand, the outfit cannot bank on taxes and oil revenues that used to enrich its coffers by $1 million a day when it was at the height of power.

On the other, he said that the loss of territories has diminished the IS's responsibilities of running the state and devote its resources only to run terror activity.

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