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My name is Khan and I am a Good Samaritan: Indian techie gives unpaid US workers food


New York, Jan 23: With the government shutdown in the US crossing its first month and no sign yet of it getting over, several lakhs of federal workers of the country are faced with hardships with no pay. However, this crisis has also seen individuals, brands and even foreign nationals helping those in need in kind and the latest to join the list of the good Samaritans is an Indian engineer.

My name is Khan and I am a Good Samaritan: Indian techie gives unpaid US workers food

On Monday, January 21, Abdul Basit Khan showed his kind face by buying food for 80 transport Security Administration (TSA) workers at the JFK International Airport in New York and his charity won several hearts online after he shared pictures and videos.

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It may be mentioned here that Canadian Air Traffic Control staff members bought hundreds of pizzas to their American counterpart who have gone without a pay. Khan also served pizzas and samosas, an Indian snacks, to the TSA staff members.

The US administration has been stalled by a clash between President Donald Trump and the Congress over the funding for the former's proposed wall on the country's southern border with Mexico. It started on December 22 and completed a month this week.

"It was an honor to stand with these employees who are working with no paychecks due to the govt shutdown. The least we could do is to serve lunch for 80 federal employees of JFK International airport (New York). May Allah make it easy for them soon! Thank You for everyone who supported and motivated to implement it," Khan wrote on Facebook.

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What was even more striking is that despite receiving unfriendly treatment from the TSA in the past, Khan did not budge from his humanitarian responsibility.

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