Hyundai helps deliver daughter's message to father in space

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Nevada, April 15: What happens when a fleet of cars attempt to write out a message from a daughter to her father who is in International Space Station (ISS)? The result is nothing less than a marvel.

Hyundai, the automaker, helped 13-year-old Stephanie convey her message to her astronaut father, who usually is away a lot of time.

Daughter's message seen from space

In order to send her message to her father, who is in space, Hyundai used a fleet of its Genesis sedans to recreate her message across Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake.

Hyundai used 11 cars that used studded tires to pull of this feat and the results was an exact replica of Stephanie's hand written note.

The stunt has also been approved by Guinness World Records as the largest tire track image ever made. The team behind the stunt worked for over two weeks. Though the message on the lake has been erased now, the video documenting the stunt is a marvel to watch.

Here is the video of the stunt:

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