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Hitler was a 'drug addict', suffered from numerous disorders, reveals new documentary


Hitler was a 'drug addict'
Berlin, Oct 16: A new documentary on the life of German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler reveals that Führer was a "drug addict".

The documentary, to be aired this weekend by Britain's Channel 4, finds that autocrat, who engineered the infamous genocide, had a "hidden drug habit." The makers of the video has based their findings on a 47-page American military dossier compiled during the war.

The dossier says that Hitler used to take a cocktail of 74 different drugs, including a form of what is now commonly known as 'crystal meth', says a Washington Post report. He also took "barbiturate tranquilizers, morphine, bulls' semen" !

Methamphetamines/Crystal Meth were used by various army troops during World War II as stimulants to aid soldiers, says jistorical documents. It was popularly consumed in Germany as Pervitin. An unconventional doctor, Theodor Morell, prescribed these drugs to Hitler, says the dossier.

A former soldier, Heinrich Böll, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972, used to write letters home from war field asking for more supplies of Pervitin. "Perhaps you could obtain some more Pervitin so that I can have a backup supply?" he requested in a 1940 letter, cited by German publication Der Spiegel, says WP article.

The Nazi leader was suffering from a string of mental disorders including Bipolar Syndrome and also, he was an asxual, says the new documentary. Hitler was supposedly injected with extracts from bull's testicles to boost his libido, it says.

Hitler also suffered from a number of maladies like stomach cramps, the documentary reveals. It was possible that the medication was used as a cure for the maladies.

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