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Hitler wanted to carry out a 9/11-like attack on US in 1940s


Berlin, Dec 16: What Osama bin Laden had thought of in 2001, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler had visioned in the 1940s! According to a report published in the Daily Mail on December 13, the Fuehrer thought of "an apocalyptic scene of skyscrapers blazing like giant torches, buildings collapsing, and terrified people running in panic".

Hitler hated the US for its democracy and wanted to defeat it

The leader had asked his scientists and engineers to wreak the havoc in the USA and the latter came up with ideas of developing suicide planes that would destroy the Manhattan, causing immense loss of life and property, something the al-Qaeda successfully executed on September 11, 2001, when they brought the Twin Towers to the ground after hitting them with hijacked passenger aircraft used as missiles. Hitler's scientists did not succeed although they had pursued the deadly project intensely, said the report.

Hitler said in public that he was happy with his relation with the USA and never had any ambition to challenge it but actually despised the latter's democracy and a culture speaking about individual freedom and pluralism.

According to Hitler, once he defeated Western Europe and the erstwhile Soviet Union, Germany and the USA would be the remaining superpowers in the world and a confrontation between them was inevitable. The Fuehrer was apparently preparing for it, the Daily Mail report said.

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