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Explained: Why Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in Michigan on Super Tuesday


Washington, Mar 11: In what comes as a shock to Bernie Sanders during the Super Tuesday was his defeat in Michigan where he had survived a narrow but significant win over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

It can be seen that Super Tuesday was crucial for the Biden wins. But, Sanders victories were also equal.

Explained: Why Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in Michigan on Super Tuesday

With holding massive campaigns, with respect to both money and personnel, Sanders won just 34 per cent of the vote in California. Biden, who barely campaigned, came second with 27 per cent, with just seven points trailing.

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After the disappointment of Super Tuesday, it is allegedly said that Sanders gave priority to Michigan by spending millions on negative ads against Biden. But Biden, in a rally with Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, visited Michigan just once.

What was the cause of Bernie Sanders' defeat in Michigan?

This time, Sanders was not saved by "younger voters". While Sanders did poll ahead of Biden among the young and among white Americans without a college education, they were not enough to ignore Biden's advantage among older, moderate and suburban white voters, including the African American voters.

    NEWS AT 3 PM, MARCH 11th, 2020

    According to reports, the exit polls in 12 primary states, the youth vote (under 30) had reportedly came out in a less number of contests. Also, the turnout among those over the age of 30 had been up in every state, including in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

    As Sanders' chances of the presidency is in the beginning process to fade, the significant part of his campaign is about to start by convincing his "Bernie or Bust" crowd, to come out to vote for Biden in November. Because, it can be seen that Biden's victory would be in the Democratic primaries, and cannot defeat Donald Trump without the help of Sanders' supporters.

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