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Donald Trump alleges Biden of taking some kind of drugs, asks him to undergo test


Washington, Sep 15: US President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that both Russia and China want his Democratic challenger Joe Biden to win the presidential elections as no other White House occupant has been tougher to them than his administration in the last four years.

Donald Trump claims Russia and China want Biden to win presidential elections

Trump also said that Iran does not want him as the president but asserted that they will sign a deal with the US if he is re-elected.

"They are hoping that Biden gets in,...China is hoping that Biden gets in. Russia, probably they want Biden, because look, nobody''s been tougher to Russian than me, nobody. With the pipeline, with our big military, we''ve become the number one energy country in the world, we''re more than anybody -- we''re totally energy independent now," Trump told Fox News.

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"What I''ve done with Russia -- and remember, Obama gave them pillows, and I gave them tank busters; there''s a big difference with Ukraine. So I think Russia would like it too. But here''s the thing, they want to wait until after this election because there''s nobody in the world that China would rather negotiate than sleepy Joe," he said in response to a question.

"If they got in -- if this crew got in; the same basic crew but they''ve gone far left, much further left than they ever were that''s why this is the most important election that we''ve ever had. If they ever got in, China would own the USA, China would own them," he charged against Democratic party's presidential nominee Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

Responding to a question, Trump alleged that Biden has been taking some kind of drugs.

"Mr. President you have suggested that Joe Biden should take a drug test," he was asked.

"I do, I would take one too. Yes, I would say he should take a drug test," Trump replied.

"You think he''s taking some sort of drugs that pep him up?" he was asked again.

"I do. I do. He''s taking something. He''s taking something that gives him so clarity or whatever...,Take a look at him -- yeah, maybe had a lot of coffee. Maybe he had 15 cups of coffee," Trump said.

"I''ll tell you what, I''ve seen him in the debate with the other people, including Kamala and nobody treated him worse than Kamala. He picked Kamala and nobody treated him worse...," said the president.

"Then he says, I''m going to pick Kamala. And Kamala has her own problems, I mean she went from 15 down to nothing. She dropped out before they got to Iowa, so I think she''s not a good choice. I think compared to Mike Pence who''s been a great vice president. He''s been a great vice president and you guys know that very well," Trump said.

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