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After GOP, time for US to witness an eventful Dem National Convention

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Philadelphia, July 25: After the Republicans, it is time for the Democratic Party. The national convention of the latter will kick off on Monday (July 25) here and it is likely to witness even more fireworks compared to a heated convention of the rival party which took place last week.

The inaugural day of the four-day convention will see a pro-Bernie Sanders group undertaking a walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge connecting Camden in New Jersey with Philadelphia, the Associated Press reported.

hillary clinton and bernie sanders

The supporters of Sanders, the 74-year-old senator of Vermont, have been holding peaceful demonstrations ever since he failed to derail former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the race to grab the presidential nomination. On Sunday (July 24), too, several marched along a main street of the city to throw their weights behind Sanders and display a distaste for Hillary.

They chanted "Hell No, DNC, we won't vote for Hillary" and "This is what democracy looks like", reported the AP. [Ted Cruz faces insult for not endorsing Trump at GOP Convention]

The demonstrations were seen as marks of disunity with the Democrats even as their party has been trying to put up a united face in the recent times. [Who all will speak at Dem Convention]

Even Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Scultz announced on the eve of the convention that she would resign after the event as part of the fallout from emails leaked from the Democratic National Committee. Some of the emails suggested that the committee was much favourable towards Hillary during the primaries. [US Democratic National Committee chair to resign after convention]

The AP report said the Democrats have been trying to show that they are more united than the Republicans whose disunity was exposed during their convention held in Cleveland. But the unveiling of the hacked mails by Wikileaks has given a boost to Sanders's supporters.

Besides the protests by Sanders's supporters which, however, has left the local police quite assured by its peaceful nature, forecast of heatwaves was another concern for the organisers and demonstrators.

Over 5,000 delegates will attend the convention while the total size of the audience is predicted to be 50,000. The convention will see Hillary getting formally nominated as the presidential nominee of the Democratic party on Thursday.

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