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CIA Torture Report: Bobby Jindal defends George Bush


Washington, Dec 12: Indian-American Louisiana Governor and rising Republican star Bobby Jindal has said the release of a Senate committee report on CIA's detention and harsh interrogation techniques is aimed at attacking former President George W Bush.

"It is clear that the Democrats wrote and released this report in an attempt to once again attack President Bush. I remain very proud to have worked for him, and proud that he kept America safe in the aftermath of 9/11," Jindal said.


His comment came days after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a report which said the interrogation programme of CIA post 9/11 in many cases amounted to torture.

"This report is one-sided and partisan. The Left hates the former President, they always have, and now, six years after he left office they are still campaigning against him," Jindal said in a statement.

"The undeniable truth of the matter is this – President Bush kept America safe after 9/11 from terrorists that wanted to kill us. This is simply a fact. President Bush is a good man and I am honored to have served in his Administration, said Jindal, who is considered to be eyeing at the 2016 presidential run. He is the first Indian-American Governor of a US State.

"If I were to decide a run, this election to me is all about how do we restore the American dream for our children and grandchildren. This President, he has believed in bigger government, redistribution, fewer opportunities, more debt, more tax, and more borrowing," Jindal told Fox News.

"If I were to decide to run I think I've got a unique perspective. My parents came here over 40 years ago in search of the American dream. My brother and I have lived the American dream. We've taken on big challenges. We've taken on the infringed interests. I think the American people are looking for big change in Washington," he said.

'In the latest opinion polls of potential Republican presidential aspirants, Jindal is placed at 11th place. "If I were to decide to run it wouldn't be about poll numbers. I was at less than two percent when I first ran for Governor, I was within the margin of error," he said.

"We have transformed our state. For 25 years we were losing people. Six years in a row now we have more people moving into the state. Took ten charity hospitals. This is the third rail in Louisiana politics, turned them into public/private partnerships.

"Substantially, not only cut the size of government 26 per cent, but have grown the private sector economy. This is not about politicians who are popular by kissing babies and cutting ribbons. This election is going to be about big ideas and big change," Jindal said.


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