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China: University students asked in exam “What are the advantages of AIDS?”


Beijing, Jan 28: Sometimes, students are asked questions in examinations answers to which are perhaps not known to the paper-setters, either.

Recently, students at China's Guangxi University faced a similar ordeal. The high-level students, who sat for an examination on the subject 'Mao Zedong Thought and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics' were asked some bizarre questions that had no relation with their subject matter whatsoever.

China: University students asked in exam “What are the advantages of AIDS?”

According to a report in Shanghaiist, the very first question that the examinees encountered was: "What are the advantages of AIDS?"

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It was followed by questions like "Have you had sex with someone of the opposite gender?" and "Do you want to have children for the future of the country?" The examinees were students of the compulsory course at Guangxi's Beihai College of Art and Design.

The students later uploaded images of the bizarre questions online to garner attention of the social media. The questions were reportedly set by one surnamed Zheng who made headlines in the past also for peculiar ideas.

Last year, Zheng blamed "radiation" from the school wifi after two students suffered cerebral hemmorhages and sought switching off the wifi network at night.

The questions also came to the notice of Guangxi education authorities who are now probing into the, the Shanghaiist report said.

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The school said the question papers prepared by Zheng were not the final exam but a "bonus test", the report added.

The students have also been asked to delete their posts on the social media about the questions, it was reported.

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