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Bizarre video of creepy crow that looks like gorilla leaves netizens scratching their heads


Tokyo, June 26: A crow that looks like a gorilla has gotten neizens scratching their heads for answers. Yes you read it right.

This creature, which is dubbed 'gorilla crow', is shown perched on its big wings and looks like an ape standing on its forearms.

Bizarre video of creepy crow that looks like gorilla leaves netizens scratching their heads

The video, which was shot at the Parco shopping center in Nagoya, Japan, has received over 100,000 shares on the social media platform.

While many netizens expressed their shock with memes, some sought an explanation.

So, What do you think?

However, an explanation for the bird's stance quickly emerged. Kaeli Swift, a corvid researcher-the family of birds that includes crows-from the University of Washington, said it was sunbathing-a perfectly normal and well-documented behavior.

Taking to Twitter, she said it was a large-billed crow, which accounts for its face looking "a little out of proportion." The large billed crow is a species found in Asia.

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As its name suggests, its bill is slightly larger than other crows, giving it more of a raven-like appearance.

"What it's actually doing is sunning itself. When birds sun they drop their wings and cock their tails,'' she tweeted.

"Usually the mouth is open and the body is closer to the ground, making the behavior more obvious, but perhaps the videographer caught it in a moment of transition,'' she further said.

Large-billed crows are primarily scavengers that eat leftover human food and they are also known to steal food from other birds, eBird.org also noted. They have been observed in various countries, including India, Japan, and Thailand.

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