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Belgium: Drivers on roads told to be careful because of sexually charged deer

By Shubham

Brussels, July 21: Vehicle drivers in Flanders and other parts of Belgium have been cautioned for an unusual reason.

According to a report in The Brussels Times, the motorists have been asked to be aware of over-excited deer running onto the roads and posing threat to the passing vehicles and the warning has come from the Sint Hubertus Association - a body of hunters.

Belgium: Drivers on roads told to be careful because of sexually charged deer

But why are the animals suddenly feeling over-excited?

According to the report, the deer are slowly entering into the rutting season and the hormone levels among the males in particular are high and they are fully focussing on finding their mates.

"Around this time, male deer are trying to cover as many females as they can, but overcome by hormones, they're not always aware of their surroundings," the Times quoted the association's Maarten Goethals as saying.

In these circumstances, the motorists on the road are asked to be extra careful so they can avoid serious mishaps, threatening lives of the animals as well those travelling.

"If the accident is serious, we always advise drivers to alert the police. We also advise to contact the local hunter if possible, so that he can, if the deer is wounded, track it down and put it out of its suffering," the report quoted Goethals as saying further.

The hunters' association also advised the motorists to avoid approaching injured animals in case there is a collision between them and the vehicle(s), both for safety and hygiene purposes, the report further added.

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