Artur Fischer, the inventor with more patents than Thomas Edison, is dead

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Waldachtal (Germany), Feb 11: Artur Fischer, the inventor who had over 1,100 patents to his credit, more than Thomas Alva Edison (1,093), reportedly passed away at his residence in Waldachtal in Germany last month at the age of 96.

The man, whom German magazine Der Speigel called "to do-it-yourself home repair", was a trained locksmith who loved to tinker on the sides. His foremost official invention was the first synchronised camera flash, which he did after failing to take photograph of his daughter indoors. He also invented the wall anchor in 1958 for hanging heavy objects.

Born in Waldachtal in Germany in 1919, Fischer went to a vocational school but left to become a locksmith at the age of 13. He had ambitions to become a pilot but lacked the height. Hence, he trained himself as a mechanic.

Fischer, who had joined the military, was held as a prisoner of war by the English in Italy during the Second World War. After the war, he began to work in an engineering company and found his own company, The Fischer Group, two years later.

Fischer's final invention which was a commercial hit was the Fischertechnik kit, an electrical model set for amateurs and children to create machines and robots. This had initially started as a Christmas gift to his clients in 1964 and then was commercially expanded because of high demand.

Fischer received the European Patent Office with a lifetime achievement award in 2014.

The man, who was always eager to be a part of the problem to which he could provide a solution, is saurvived by his children Klaus and Margot.

He is survived by his son, Klaus, and his daughter, Margot.

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