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After US froze, Australia is burning: A threatening contrast


Washington/Canberra, Feb 8: It's a complete contrast in two halves of the globe. Just after vast stretches of North America, including the Midwest region of the US froze to death, thanks to the phenomenon of polar vertex, Australia found itself burning up, so much so, that even fruits were getting cooked up on tree.

After US froze, Australia is burning: A threatening contrast

The burning temperature gives rise to a concern that the heat emanated is trapped by carbon-di-oxide produced by fossil fuels and that could lead to more heat waves if the matter is not addressed urgently.

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More heat means the ice caps will melt and that could lead to the rise in sea water causing mayhem to human civilisation.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Maryland, USA, the warming climate will lead to more severe snowstorms and it also cited the Third National Climate Assessment's study to say that cold season storms in the Northern Hemisphere have become more intense since 1950, a Forbes article said.

According to the agency, greenhouse gases emanating from burning of fossil fuels have made the Earth warmer by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit over the last five decades but the Arctic region has heated up twice as faster, causing the ice caps to melt.

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As far as Australia's warm temperature is concerned, the scientists are worried that the ocean's surface around the continent is getting hotter at a rate that is similar to the rise in air temperature and that can lead to more powerful tropical storms, leaving adverse effect not only on human settlements but also on marine life.

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