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49% Americans & 44% white Americans feel Donald Trump is racist

By Shubham

Washington, July 4: A fresh polling from Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, US, has shown that 49 per cent of Americans believe their president, Donald Trump, is racist while 47 per cent believes he is not.

US President Donald Trump

As far as Trump's approval rating is concerned, while the Quinnipiac varsity poll said 40 per cent approved him yet, NBC News-Survey Monkey survey found the rating to be 48 per cent while that by Politico-Morning Consult gave him 43 per cent.

58 per cent doesn't approve of Trump's immigration policies

On the approval rating of Trump's immigration policies, while an overwhelming 58 per cent of respondents did not approve of it, 39 per cent found it to be okay. Three per cent was inconclusive in their decision, said the Quinnipiac survey.

On Trump's motive behind pursuing the immigration policy he is doing, the survey found that while 50 per cent of respondents believed he implemented them out of his genuine interest to control the borders, 44 per cent believed racist beliefs pushed him to undertake such policies. Six per cent had no clear answer.

New polls from Quinnipiac University show that 39% approve of Trump's immigration policies while 49% believe the President is racist, versus 47% who believe he isn't racist.

Overall, 49 per cent said Trump is racist

And in connection to the previous question, when it was asked whether Trump is a racist, 49 per cent said he is while 47 per cent said no. Four per cent did not have a clear answer.

52 per cent of whites said he is not a racist

The Quinnipiac poll also broke it down further. Out of the white respondents, 44 per cent said the US president is a racist while 52 per cent said he is not. Five per cent remained undecided.

79 per cent of blacks said Trump is a racist

The number of people who felt Trump is racist is overwhelmingly high among blacks. While 79 per cent said he is a racist, only 19 per cent said he is not. Two per cent did not say either yes or no.

58 per cent Hispanics said Trump is a racist

Among the Hispanics, 58 per cent is of the opinion that Trump is racist, as per the Quinnipiac polling, while 40 per cent said he is not. Two per cent said they had no clear answer.

Last month, a Gallup survey had revealed that at least half of America's population believes Trump is an intelligent, strong and decisive leader and is capable of bringing about changes the US needs.

However, the opinion in favour of the US president being an honest, likeable and admirable individual and one who can work with the Republicans and Democrats is much unfavourable, it said.

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