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Better search engine than Google: 16-year-old Indian kid beats Sundar Pichai


Toronto, Aug 21: Sundar Pichai, the new head of search engine giant Google, faced a new competition from a 16-year-old boy.

Anmol Tukrel, an Indian-origin student based in Toronto, Canada, claimed that he has built a new search engine which is 47% times better than Google.

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Anmol Tukrel and Sundar Pichai

43-year-old Pichai, the Chennai boy, recently got promoted as the CEO of Google. Just after his promotion, he received a tough competition from Tukrel, a student of Holy Trinity School in Toronto.

According to Tukrel, his search engine is more accurate than Google. The young student designed the new search engine as part of a project to submit to the Google Science Fair.

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To design the new search engine, he took help from a python-language development environment, a spreadsheet program and access to Google.

Currently, the testing of the software was limited to news article appearing on The New York Times and provided more accurate results.

Tukrel also claimed that his search engine takes into account location or browsing history and also tries to understand context and meaning.

Tukrel learnt coding at the age of 3. He was quoted as saying, "My computer teacher was pretty impressed with the project. I skipped a year in computer science, so they knew I was good, but may be not so good."

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