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Countries that have vetoed the most in the UN?


The United Nations Security Council 'veto power' refers to the power of the permanent members of the UN Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) to veto any "substantive" resolution. The veto power allows these members to thwart the implementation of any resolution that may be deemed substantial.

However, the veto power has brought criticism to the Security Council. As it stands, a veto from any of the permanent members can halt any possible action the Council may take. One country's objection, rather than the opinions of a majority of countries, may cripple any possible UN armed or diplomatic response to a crisis.

Countries that have vetoed the most in the UN?

Here is the list of United Nations Security Council Resolutions that have been vetoed by one of the five permanent members of the security council between 16 February 1946 to the present day.

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How many vetoes have the permanent members of the UN had so far?

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was founded after the conclusion of World War II and its first resolution was issued on January 25, 1946. Ever since then, there have been a total of 220 vetoes by at least one of the five members.

Russia tops the list with a total of 112 votes. The USA comes in at second with a total of 81 vetoes.

Of the five states, China has been the most agreeable nation with a total of 11 vetoes. Mostly, China has elected to abstain from votes that do not necessarily concern them. China's most recent veto was in 2017.

France uses its power sparingly has vetoed 16 times while the UK has done so 29 times.

Both France's and the UK's vetoes were in 1989 during the situation that was in Panama, where the US also vetoed.

Countries that have vetoed the most in the UN?

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