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Your checklist for a healthy breakfast is here!


A piece of advice that has been passed down for generations says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy and good breakfast fuels you up for the entire day, provides you the energy you need to face a hectic schedule and helps you stay on top of things. It is also important to ensure that you are not taking synthetic or foods with additives for breakfast. Natural food that have no additives, no sugar and no preservatives are the best kind of breakfast. Whole grains such as cereals and millets are very good source of important nutrients such as Protein, Dietary Fibre, Iron, Calcium and Vitamins.

Your checklist for a healthy breakfast is here!

So, what kind of breakfast should you be having? Here is the checklist to ensure that you take a healthy and nutrient packed breakfast every day.

Natural ingredients: You should try to consume a breakfast that has more natural ingredients and less additives or preservatives. This also includes added sugar which is harmful for the body.

Multi-grains or cereals: Having cereals or grains for breakfast is good because they are rich in dietary fibre and they help improve metabolism and good health in the body. Grains, such as millets are great because not only they are nutritious but they are also filling which helps in keeping hunger at bay.

Nuts: For people who work out at the gym or who do a lot of physical work, a mix of Cashews, Almonds and Ground Nuts, and some dry fruits for taste, will help them kick start the day with a burst of energy.

Milk: A glass of milk in the morning along with your breakfast is must. Milk provides a lot of nutrients like protein & Calcium

Now that you know what a healthy and nutrient packed breakfast should include. It is important to look for choices that allow you to bring each one of these elements on the table.

Your checklist for a healthy breakfast is here!

Manna Health Mix is made with the traditional wisdom of millets and cereals blended to perfection with nuts to give a nourishing and filling breakfast. It contains traditional ingredients such as Ragi, Bajra, Corn, Jowar, Barley, Wheat, Red rice, Green gram, Fried gram, Almonds, Cashew nuts and Ground nuts. One glass of Manna Health Mix twice a day will give you your daily dose of Protein, Dietary fibre and Iron.

Your checklist for a healthy breakfast is here!

If you have been struggling with the challenge to meet daily nutritional needs of your family then Manna Health Mix is your one stop solution. The best part is that this is 100% natural with no added sugar which really puts the mind at ease. There are different ways you can prepare it which will keep you active. Another amazing feature of the Manna Health Mix is that it is not just a breakfast mix. You can have a bowl of this mix if you ever skip a meal to keep up your energy level and fill your stomach.

Your checklist for a healthy breakfast is here!

With protein, dietary fibre and micronutrients– you cannot ask for a better start to the day for you and your family!

Go for Manna Health Mix

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