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Women empowerment to helping farmers, Agrotech pioneers in Goat rearing

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In a bid to promote agricultural development and help rural women, Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company Limited (AGROTECH) has pioneered Goat Rearing in Tamil Nadu through its innovative models and professional implementation methods.

It is a novel innovation by Agrotech as in India, goat is considered as the cow of the poor because it provides milk, manure and meat to the animal rearer. Goat rearing will definitely increase the earnings of women and make them financially independent.


With more control of their finances, women not only improve their status within the homes, but they also have greater ability to make decisions and have greater power over their own lives.

Started by the farmers in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu, South India (Registered under Companies Act 2013), it has already created waves among Self Help Groups (SHG) and rural women entrepreneurs for social upliftment, economic self reliance and above all inclusive growth for the entire family for years to come.

The company has carved novel strategies within the ambit of policy guidelines of NABARD and Small Farmer's Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

What makes the company strikingly different is that women development is its core theme. The company says that the motto it follows is to uplift the socially and economically underdeveloped women of the country.

AGROTECH strives in making the landless and economically weak farmers and their families attain a sustainable lifestyle by working in clusters of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu along with women backward community through the Goat Rearing Capacity Building Activity project.

One of the key objectives is to build a sustainable and a prosperous agriculture society and in order to achieve this, AGROTECH promotes, supports members, shareholders through the Good Farming Practice. This in turn helps realise returns for their produces through the Aggregate Marketing network supported by Government of India / Tamil Nadu Government, Research Agencies, civil society, financial institutions and other private sector industries.

Agrotech innovation: Indias first women operated store

Further strategies have been designed on the principles of social enterprise model in order to optimal social, economic and environmental benefits to the entire eco system.

The company is managed by professional veterans and is governed by ethical and moral values. This is crucial because the venture involves trust of the farming community who are not well versed with the laws and statutes.

In the exponential growth orbit, the company is launching its schemes Cuddalore, Nagercoil, Kallakurichi and Pondicherry. There are many who are joining after having understood the model from their counterparts in Villupuram, where it has become the talk of the town.

Unique propositions:

One of the key factors is the ability to induct members with commitment. AGROTECH is professionally creating a level playing field for the farmers as well as the end customer.

The development of the conceptual Kisan Bazar is a win-win situation for every participant. Moreover the e-commerce model is the first of its kind in India. To ensure that the operations are smooth, the company is anchoring and facilitating each block chain. In order to ensure that there is state of the art breed and productivity, the company has tied up with the advanced farming communities of New Zealand and Europe.

Women empowerment to helping farmers, Agrotech pioneers in Goat rearing

The first ever Goat Park:

Agrotech through its affiliate KARY FRESH is all set to launch India's first ever Goat Park.

This 3 acre park in Villupuram will house allied activities for monthly income through by-products, fodder land, medical facilities for the cattle, Hydrophonics, water and other required amenities for goat rearing, research and Development for better care and support from Agrotech experts all times.

A marvel idea: A well knit business chain:

Agrotech and Kary Fresh have entered into an exclusive agreement wherein there is no dearth of supply of goats to multiple FPOs consistently.

The goats as and when ready for sale by the FRP would be bought by KARY FRESH for its retail operations. This would ensure that the sale realisation will be at the right price and would also be timely for the participants of Agrotech farmers.

In order to achieve this, KARY FRESH is already in advanced negotiations with the wholesalers both in India and abroad. This would ensure periodic sale of goats and by products such as goat milk and cheese.

The launch of the retail outlets (self operated and franchise model) soon by KARY FRESH would help Agrotech manage its supply and demand at all times without any marketing efforts to sell its product. This would ensure a huge saving on cost.

Women empowerment to helping farmers, Agrotech pioneers in Goat rearing

Innovation drive:

The Livestock market App, which would be yet another market disrupter from Agrotech will create a common focal point for aggregation of livestock produce of the small holders and community farmers located in fragmented areas. This would facilitate provision of support and assistance in the entire value chain such as:

  • Connecting selling and buying community
  • Optimal price
  • Transparency to the entire system
  • Level playing field for every participant
  • Fair price to sellers and buyers with NO intermediary charges
  • Addressing supply-demand gaps
  • Money transfer instantaneously
  • Seamless flow all the way - Delight for all stakeholders
  • Technology the nerve-centre

Want to be part of this?

So do you want to be part of this innovative, novel and exclusive partnership model with assured income every month and also rich terminal dividends?

The Kary Fresh crowd funding concept is a minimum Rs 2.5 lakhs month on month return. To become a share holder one would require a minimum Rs 1 lakh investment and would get 10 per cent per month for 20 months agreement (5% principal & 5% on Profit). Join today for faster growth in the right time with the right place.

REACH Agrotech on - info@agrotechfpc.com
Mobile :

1. +91 98842 99871

2. +91 70101 44851

Disclaimer: The above content is Sponsored Content and Oneindia will not be responsible for any kind of investment.

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