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Will Rahul and Sonia decide if Lingayats are Hindu or not?: Indresh Kumar

By Vinod

National Executive member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Indresh Kumar, has been interacting with people from different faiths. He is the patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch that works among Muslims in India to bring them out of religious radicalism and hatred. Many other tasks are cut out for him as he is visiting Cambodia to oversee making of the fifth dham there.

File photo of Indresh Kumar, National Executive member of RSS meeting Muslim children during the 70th Independence Day celebrations at a Madarsa in Nagpur (Image courtesy - PTI images)

He spoke to OneIndia on various issues concerning the country. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q. What are your plans in Cambodia that you are visiting with some other RSS functionaries?

A. There is a plan to built Fifth Dham with Cambodia having the biggest Hindu shrine. Guruji Kumaranswami is taking the project further on. There is a plan afoot that more such places should be built across the world that can bring Sanatan (Hindu) religion together. There is a plan for the formation of Fifth Dam in Cambodia and Bhumi Poojan (stone laying) of this has been done. Around 500 acres of land has been acquired for the project.

Q. You are visiting with some of your associates, what is your role in this endeavour. You will be the keynote speaker or some other role too?

A. I will be there as the chief guest. The structure of the programme is such that the stone laying was done on May 31 and after that programme of Subhashish Prakalp started. There are Four Dham in India some more Dham need to be created across the world where people from all caste creed, religion, culture, civilization and community should gather. It is said that Sanatan is not radicalism but humanism; it is not communalism but goodwill (Sadbhav). Therefore there is no threat to any faith, it will be a place of realization of peace. A dialogue is also planned with Buddhists in Cambodia as the birthplace of Sanatan and Buddhism and even family lineage is the same. This is an attempt to make this world free from intolerance, violence and radicalism.

Q. What is the next step of this project?

A. Guru ji will take the project ahead and whatever plan is made in Cambodia, India or any part of the work they all will be implemented as per his guidance.

Q. Will you remain associated with this project even afterwards?

A. It is the tradition of India that there remains continuity of relations. In western world, there is no concept of bigger family so relations are not guaranteed but it is there in India. So we will continue with this for sure. We keep relations with living and non-living being, relations with pilgrimages are here to stay. These places are not for an individual but for everyone so relations are here to continue for long.

Q. Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism have their origin in India and they are linked to each other. You have the credit of initiating dialogue even with Islam and establishing connection with the community. How far you have been successful and what is your future plan?

A Presence of Islam in India is from very long time but no one can say that there was any attempt to establish dialogue with it. Dialogue is the only way that can produce some results. So we tried to establish some dialogues that provided some results as well. We started movements against exploitation of Muslim women, radicalism of youths and many other evils in Islam and we mobilized people within the community to counter it. We succeeded in getting them rid of injustices like triple talaq and many more. Similarly they agreed cow slaughter should be banned and during the everyday Iftari of Ramzan Roza lakhs of Muslims are doing it by cow milk. Muslims are using cow milk along with date for Roza Iftar. They are making commitment that they will not kill cow, will not eat meat, serve them and drink cow milk and juice. Lakhs of Muslims have joined this movement and it is growing leaps and bounds. Similarly Muslims have also started standing up against terrorism. Muslims have been maintaining distance from racial riots, radicalism, communalism due to our efforts and they have started realizing that the country is ours, our ancestors are one, our god is one, our citizenship is one only way of worship has been changed. This kind of thinking has been developed in the Muslims and increasing very fast in their psyche.

Q. Have you been able to give them a message on the issue of terrorism?

A. Of course! You will see processions are organized by Muslims against terrorism, national flag has been raised on thousands of madarsa in the recent past, singing National Anthem and chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Jai Hind by Muslims is increasing by the day. Protests, march, procession and mobilization against terrorism is organized against terrorism.

Q. Dalits and Sunni Muslims are united on one hand and on the other Shia Muslims and other Hindus castes are joining hands. Don't you think this is a dangerous sign for India or it is at a superficial level only?

A. See untouchability is absolutely wrong, crime and a sin. It must perish. As long as untouchability remains, the reservation must continue and protected. If anyone says that the BJP will remove reservation the person is misguiding and telling lie. RSS has been in the support of reservation since beginning till today. As far as such political combinations that are being made, they will simply destroy unity and integrity of the society. Such moves should not be legally accepted and morality accepted. Some people are trying to make such attempts but they will not succeed. Balmiki has given us Ram, name of Ram and Ramayan that no one can deny therefore this is superficial and tactics of exploitation. There is a need to bring awakening among the community. Working for the unity and integrity of the country is the duty of every citizen of the country he may be of any caste or religion.

Q. Muslim Rashtriya Manch works under your guidance. It has its influence in north India! Does it have its presence in south India also?

A. It started from Delhi and reached the entire country. It has its presence in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and entered in North-East. It has reached Maharashtra. Moving ahead from Hyderabad, Telengana and reached Karnataka with further expansions plan for Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In the past 15 years no any such organisation in India grew that fast. They have their programmes all across the country including Kerala and Manipur. They are gradually making their presence felt and getting support from the society. The Muslims Rashtriya Manch decided to raise National Flag on every madarsa and it had happed which no secularist had been able to do. The MRM has successfully done without making any fuss and noise. Secularists were defeated by their spirit and enthusiasm. Their work is now accepted and spreading in the country.

Q. There has been an attempt to divide Hindu community in the name of Lingayat. What do you have to say about it?

A. Will Rahul and Sonia decide if Lingayats are Hindus or not? This was the biggest sin committed by the Congress for gaining political brownie points, tomorrow if they feel Protestant, Baptists and Catholic will be declared separate religion, Shia, Sunni and people visiting dargah will be declared separate religion. They will say Vohra community is a separate religion. In Jainism, Swetambar, Digambar, Terapanthi and Baispanthi will be declared separate faith. If politicians will start it, they will break and divide everyone. Lingayats have given an identity to Sanatanies and vice versa. Today they are priests at Kashi Vishwanath, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Pashupatinath. They are not separate from Sanatan and Sanatan is not separate from Lingayats. Due to these divisive politics, the Congress is confined in packets and is paying for its mistakes that they had committed in the country.

Q. You talked about Assaduddin Owaisi, don't you think your entire attempt to unite Muslims is spoiled by people like Owaisi.

A. No! He cannot do anything; no one should live in any misconception. He is a rejected stuff and he cannot do anything. Evil cannot have the last laugh but goodwill always prevails. People are wise enough; Owaisi does not have any space outside Hyderabad forget about the country?

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