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Will 2019 be a 2004 for the BJP?


New Delh, Apr 15: The Congress believes that 2019 will be 2004 for the BJP. In the year 2004, the UPA delivered a shock defeat for the BJP lead NDA, headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Analysts point out that things are different this year around. The RSS and the BJP were not entirely on the same page back in 2004. It may be recalled that the RSS was critical of Vajpayee's policies, especially his soft stance on issues such as the Ram Mandir.

Will 2019 be a 2004 for the BJP?

Further the former RSS chief K S Sudarshan was unable to quieten the voices of discontentment within the organisation against Vajpayee.

As battle shifts down South, a lot at stake for all partiesAs battle shifts down South, a lot at stake for all parties

While Vajpayee focused on pushing reforms, some within the RSS felt that he was not doing enough for the saffron agenda.

Sumeer Bhasin, a senior BJP leader notes in his book, "The New Age Karyakarta," that after Vajpayee lost the elections, the RSS was at the receiving end of a very hostile government.

2019 is very different when compared to 2004. The RSS and the BJP government are on the same page on almost all issues. The BJP leadership has held regular meetings with the RSS leadership and this has helped both maintain a common agenda and also ensure they are on the same page.

This year around the role of the RSS becomes extremely important as there are several MPs who are facing anti-incumbency. To overcome this, there is a lot of work that is being carried out on the ground level by both the BJP and RSS.

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