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Why the Tripura verdict will have an impact on Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018


With the BJP making impressive gains in Northeast, the focus has now shifted to Karnataka where polls will be held next. Will the Tripura verdict have a bearing in Karnataka?

Why the Tripura verdict will have an impact on Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018

The Congress was quick to say that the verdict in Northeast would have no bearing on the results in Karnataka. The party appeared confident that it would retain Karnataka.

The BJP's national spokesperson, G V L Rao however begs to differ. OneIndia caught up with Rao in Delhi to discuss the Northeast verdict and also the elections ahead.

An eco effect:

"The verdict in Northeast will have an eco-effect. In the past the verdicts in NE had no impact in other parts of the country. However this time it is different and as I said, it would have an eco-effect.

The Congress got a drubbing in Tripura and Nagaland. This sends out a massive signal to the rest of the country and hence would have a bearing in Karnataka as well. In Karnataka the undecided voter would vote for the BJP now that the Tripura results are out. These voters see a signal across the country and hence would vote for the BJP."

Nothing Left:

" The win in Tripura for the BJP is as big as the victory for us in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP won against the Left in a head to head fight and that is huge.

21 MLAs in newly elected Tripura assembly are in the age group of 61 to 80

Handing them a defeat in their citadel gives the BJP cadres a huge boost. Our cadres have lost their lives and many have been attacked by the Left both in Kerala and Tripura. The BJP has always had an antagonistic relationship with the Congress. However with the Left it is deep seated as many of our cadres have lost their lives due to them.

I do not think that the Left would ever revive. The sun is setting on them. They are aware that when they are ousted, then never come back. West Bengal is a classic example.

In Kerala they fear the BJP. It pretends to be a party that survives on a majority vote. They now fear losing the Hindu votes. The Left dreads the prospect of being replaced. I have been saying, ' aaj Tripura, kal Kerala." (Today Tripura, tomorrow, Kerala)."

Suit and scoot politics:

Coming back to Karnataka, one thing is for sure and that is the Congress is aware that Rahul Gandhi is driving them down nationally. Under his leadership they are losing a series of elections.

While he may be gaining traction in the media, he has failed to gain acceptability among the masses. The suit and scoot politics has backfired and hence the Rahul factor will drive the Congress down in Karnataka.

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