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Why the Chinese have no chance in hell at Doklam

By Vicky

China has been hurling threats on a daily basis at India over the Doklam standoff. On Friday it also went on to accuse External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj of lying in Parliament.

Why the Chinese have no chance in hell at Doklam

An officer who has served at this area in several capacities says, China has no chance in hell at Doklam. The officer who preferred to remain anonymous said that the threats China has hurling at India following the Doklam standoff are empty.

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He says that the Chinese have to cross the front edge in and then move southwards along the Bhutan-Tibet border that is away from the eastern Sikkim border.

If India wants then with our presence and cooperation with Bhutan, we can choke them from the north and east says the officer. He says that if China wants to do something then they will have to create a diversion in Arunachal Pradesh.

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Moreover the Tibetan plateau has no cover. The nearest township is 16 to 20 kilometres away from the border. This plateau where we are holding on to totally freezes with ice, he also says.

It appears as though this entire exercise is being carried out to keep Pakistan happy. China too realises that war is not an option now. Both India and China are large economic powers and both cannot go to war. The economic wisdom says, 'do not fight a way.' If they do then both economies will sink, the officer also noted.

With Pakistan we have nothing to lose. We can finish a war in 4 to 6 days. However with China it would be longer than that and the war would not be a conventional one.

With China we have a defensive capability. Our offensive capabilities with China are limited in nature. India has been planning since the 1990s a one and half war- a full war on the Western side and a half war on the eastern side. On the eastern front we have a defensive stroke limited offensive capability, he also says.

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