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Why it is not a good idea to enter your kitchen after applying hand sanitiser


New Delhi, Mar 23: There is a message going all over the internet advising people not to go near the flame in the kitchen after using a hand sanitiser.

It says that the hand sanitisers contain spirit in rich quantity and therefore is flammable. The message also says that an incident had been reported in which the hands of a lady got burnt due to this. Please convey the same to near and dear ones, the message also reads.

Why it is not a good idea to enter your kitchen after applying hand sanitiser

While there is no such report of a lady's hands getting burnt due to this, many hand sanitisers are in fact flammable. The alcohol based sanitiser is in fact flammable. Some of the safety guidelines say that if an alcohol based hand sanitiser is spilled or otherwise released, all potential ignition sources must be completely removed from the area to mitigate the possibility of a fire.

Alcohol based hand sanitisers should be stored away from all heat and ignition sources, including sparks, open flames, any types of electrical outlets, switches or equipment and extreme heat.

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The flammability would depend solely on the alcohol content. These products are diluted with water and thicker with glycerol and other additives. The alcohol content is somewhere between 50 to 80 per cent. A 50/50 mix of ethanol and isopropanol and water is flammable.

The experts advise that while using a sanitiser use a minimal amount. One must take a dime sized portion and rub your hands until the gel evaporates. Going by all the reports, it would be best to avoid using a hand sanitiser and going near a kitchen flame. When at home, it would be advisable to wash your hands with soap before you enter the kitchen.

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