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Why a Taliban victory would inspire many radicals in Kerala, Tamil Nadu

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New Delhi, Aug 26: The security planners in India are closely watching the developments in Afghanistan as the Taliban continues to create havoc. While opening up diplomatic channels will take several more months, the worry for India at the moment is within.

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The Intelligence Bureau has flagged concerns about several terror groups and sympathisers using the Taliban victory as a morale booster. This could very well lead to many more radicalisation camps coming up in the country, an IB official tells OneIndia.

Radical elements in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have shown signs for long of being sympathetic towards foreign terror groups. In Kerala certain elements had mourned the death of Osama Bin Laden. Groups such as the Base Movement are derive their ideology from the Al-Qaeda.

China hints at providing financial aid to Taliban controlled AfghanistanChina hints at providing financial aid to Taliban controlled Afghanistan

Several groups in Kerala have already hailed the victory of the Taliban and security officials say that this is a dangerous trend setting in. A Facebook post by Kerala MLA, M A Baby said that the Taliban victory increase the possibility of radical Islam becoming a magnet for more citizens including Keralites.

Those speaking out against the Taliban have already received death threats. These are clear signs of aggression and are clear messages that the victory in Kabul would be used as a tool to recruit, motivate and radicalise explains an officer.

In this context one must also look at the Base Movement and its activities. The Base Movement which subscribes to the view of the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent. The AQIS operates under the umbrella of the Taliban from Nimruz, Helmand and Kandahar provinces of Afghanistan.

The Base Movement is active in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It rose to prominence following a series of low intensity blasts in 2016.

The Taliban has also been hailed in the past by the Students Islamic Movement of India. The SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen may be down, but its operatives are spread across several states in the country including Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

These are the elements to keep a watch on explains another official as they could use the Taliban victory to further their cause in India. The Taliban's victory is being hailed as a religious one. Moreover they have held on for over 20 years in Afghanistan before coming back to power. This deadly cocktail of perseverence, patience and the religious cause is what elements in India would use as a recruiting and motivational tool, officials feel.

The chief of the SIMI, Safdar Nagori following his arrest in 2008 had told interrogators that he hails Mullah Omar as the true Caliph. He said that the SIMI wanted to wage a war in India under the leadership of Omar. He had also spoken about Osama Bin Laden. He explained that Omar had waged Jihad on his own soil and hence he is the true Caliph of the world.

Although the Taliban has no base in India, the statements by Nagori and others are clear pointers that the ideology of the group is followed closely by many radical elements in India.

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