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When Covid’s second wave chose to strike again with its clever, sly mutated ways

By Dr. Clement S Rajan
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The Cunning Scamp virus of the Corona Syndrome of illness
Chose to Strike again with its Clever and Sly mutated ways
Causing Suffering to Countless Susceptible humans across the world.

When Covid’s second wave chose to strike again with its clever, sly mutated ways

This time it was with Crushing Swiftness, that Caught Society off guard.
This time it was with Cruel Severity, that Caused Suffering and deaths excessively.
This time it was with Calamity and Sorrow of prolonged Closures and Shutdowns.
This time it was more Cash Shortages and economic despair.
This time death Counts Shot up, not a family was Clearly Spared.

This happened because we were Careless and Shoddy,
Covid Specific behaviour was Consciously Shut out.
Crowds and Solemnisations returned
Campaign Strategies allowed dense mingling.
Masks were worn as Chin Support,
And not for Cover of Secretions from the
Chewing and Smelling sense organs on the face.
The Concerned Shots of Conscientious Safeguarding (Vaccination)
Was Conspicuously Slow in implementation.

Concerning Services of health, Couldn't Stand this burden.
Intensive Care Services were grossly inadequate
Oxygen Cylinders and Supplies went wary.
Cagey Stockists of medicines raised their prices
Final Corpse Solemnities were Cut or Scorned.
The world of Citizens Splintered into thin air.

To our Charmed Stroke of luck, we see today
A Considerable Shrinking in number of cases.
And so, let us Collectively Stand together
To fight against the Chaos and Shambles of a third wave,
By ALWAYS using the Compulsory SMS
[Social distancing, Mask and Sanitising of hands]
And ensuring a Comprehensive Strata of coverage
Of the Covid Shots (vaccinations) to all,
With the best possible Competent Swiftness.

(Dr C S Rajan, MS, MNANS, FRCS(Glasg.), DHHM. Consultant Senior surgeon Bengaluru)

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