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When Arnab Goswami became the only news in this republic of hypernationalists

By Maitreyee
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New Delhi, May 15: No news is good news, especially when one person sets the agenda for the nation. Does the nation really want to be fed on hate rants delivered by a "showman masquerading as a journalist"?

Well, we seriously need to think and listen carefully to what Arnab Goswami calls news. There is a much deeper message that we can take from the views peddled as news by the "self-styled journalist" (it's sad though that Goswami too didn't realise how and when he transformed from a journalist to an entertainer).

Arnab Goswami

What is sadder is that the rest followed suit. While Goswami climbed the high stairs of TRP with his bellicose armchair journalism (from inside TV studios), he became the role model for 'traction' for the rest of the TV scribes. And thus started a new era of TV journalism in India where news hit a new low.

Goswami, by his own admission, is the judge, jury and executioner. So, if he denounces Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi as "corrupt", they immediately become guilty, forget what the law says about accusations.

If he decides to call Sunanda Pushkar's death as murder, there will be enough hashtags to justify and declare it a murder. No amount of verbosity from Shashi Tharoor can prove him less guilty.

But there's is a reason behind Goswami's 'gundagiri' on TV. He knows he can brush off all criticisms as 'sour grapes' by Lutyens' journalists because journalism is under siege, and the threat is more from actors from within the profession than the much-maligned politicians.

The politicians and political parties dangled the bait and journalists happily took it. That is why Goswami proudly expands his lungs that beat from behind his 56-inch-chest (yes, Goswami for sure doesn't need a heart, the nation, government and army are the only things that seem to flow through his veins) to execute everyone.

Goswami was missing for some time now. But when he made his comeback recently with his Republic TV--publicly backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders-entrepreneurs--the 'superhero' of Indian journalism added an extra dollop of vim not just to his screams but body language as well.

These days, he (along with his oddly styled hair) literally jumps out of his place and at times remains suspended in the air for a few minutes too (maybe a few yoga tricks that Baba Ramdev has passed on to him). Regarding Goswami's verbal diarrhoea, the lesser said the better.

These days, he has started abusing his panellists more than ever. By now, panellists like Shabnam Lone (Kashmiri advocate) and other "anti-nationalists" have developed a thick-skin towards Goswami's ill-treatment. Since the 'super' anchor's Times Now days, they have endured his 'firing' bravely.

One thing we must say, the likes of Lone should be given 'gallantry' awards, for repeatedly accepting Goswami's invitation to join his one-sided debate and getting "mauled".

If not award, let's clap for Lone and her likes, deeply hated by the 'hypernationalists'. For, without such "anti-nationalists", the "super patriots" screaming over "super breaking news" will have nothing to outrage over.

Imagine a day when bhakts will beat the rationality out of all anti-nationalists and liberal media (the few remaining ones), and convert them into hypernationalists? That day, a new type of politics will emerge from the studio of Goswami--where one nationalist will be seen baying for the blood of another nationalist.

Goswami and his likes will have to coin a new farrago of distortions like "good nationalist" and "bad nationalists" (yes, very much like good terrorist and bad terrorist).

Till then enjoy the news, good viewers. After all, that's what you asked for.

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