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What is ISIS? Propaganda, hype and lies


New Delhi, Mar 25: The biggest success of the ISIS lies in its propaganda. The declaration of the Caliphate and the self proclamation by Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi that he is the Caliph has led many across the world to believe that only the ISIS can save Islam.

The propaganda or the marketing strategy was so good that it caught the imagination of several across the world. The end result today is that the ISIS functions on auto pilot mode.


When we say auto pilot mode, it means that a group of youth can get together and create a module in their respective country.

They would then be free to carry out an attack anywhere they please and these incidents do not go through Bhagdadi or any command structure of the ISIS.

Propaganda, lies and hype:

The youth who subscribe to the ISIS comprise a bunch of heavily radical people. The ISIS when it started off circulated material all over the internet.

However that was not enough. There was a need for some blood show and brutality. Like the al-Qaeda, the ISIS too set up studios in which beheading videos would be shot.

Most of these videos were fake and were shot and uploaded only to portray brutality. In each video there would be a message to the West in particular which would loosely read, " we will kill anyone who opposes Islam."

The ISIS may not have a dedicated command centre in all parts of the world. They have a shura council which advises the leadership in Iraq and Syria.

In these countries the ISIS has a large number of Arab fighters who are engaged in war with the governments. This command structure does not interfere with the operations of the radicalised youth in the other parts of the world.

All they would insist is that after every attack, the banner of the ISIS would need to fly high.

Networked cells:

The ISIS is a success today because of the manner in which the recruits have managed to network their cells.

For instance the cells across Europe are networked. There is a cell in the UK, Germany, Belgium and France. These cells network among each other before any attack.

In Asia, the cells largely comprise those in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan and India. Malaysia and Bangladesh are said to have the strongest cells.

They have been targeting those from the West and even imposing the rule of Sharia whenever possible. In Malaysia alone there have 160 arrests in the past year and a half.

Only yesterday 15 were arrested in Malaysia.

The networking of these cells would mean that those operating it would coordinate with each other before any attack.

However what they would ensure is that only locals would carry out attacks in their respective countries.

This is because the logistics are easier and knowing the local language always reduces the heat on them.

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