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What does bhaijaan, I am eating fish mean in ISI language

By Vicky

Using coded language in a spy operation is an age old trick. Codes such as hot, cold and air to describe the BSF, Army and Air Force are probably the most commonly used codes by ISI agents.

What does bhaijaan, I am eating fish mean in ISI language

It would be interesting to take a look at the various codes that the ISI agents use while operating in India. It is a well known fact that codes are used to avoid detection by the Intelligence Bureau.

In a 2015 case investigated by the Intelligence Bureau, the codes were quite unique. The IB officer who listened into the conversation said, " at first I thought the guy had a serious medical condition." The conversation intercepted went on like this.

"Doctor ka paas gaya, taklif mein hun, surgeon ko mila, taklif mein hun, x-ray ho gaya." ( Went to doctor, I am in trouble, met the surgeon, took an x-ray). The officer explained, that it took quite a while to decode this conversation. The doctor meant army, taklif meant had trouble sending information, surgeon was BSF related information and x-ray meant information sent.

In the same conversation, the agent says that tell bhaijaan (brother) that I am eating fish or machli. The decoded conversation reads, tell the ISI officer that I have sent information on the warship.

The other interesting set of codes that were discovered by the IB was the one used in a recent Jaisalmer, Rajasthan operation by the ISI. The agent was tasked with sourcing information about the BSF, Army and the Air Force. The officer listening in would have felt that someone was speaking about the weather.

The agent would repeatedly say that there is rain or it is hot or cold. When this conversation was decoded, it was found that rain meant air force, cold, BSF and hot Army.

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