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Welcome back Baby Moshe, my recollection of you as a brave 2 year old

By Vicky

Who can ever forget the 26/11 Mumbai attack? It was one of the most gruesome attacks that Pakistan carried out in India. Many lost their loved ones and for Baby Moshe the loss was irreparable.

Welcome back Baby Moshe, my recollection of you as a brave 2 year old

The boy lost both his parents in the attack carried out by Islamic jihadis of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. Today Moshe Holtzberg fondly known as Baby Moshe is back in Mumbai. It has been nine years and I am not sure if he remembers that horrific day.

Moshe is accompanied by his nanny Sandra Samuel, who ran out with him to safety as terrorists took control of the Chabad House during the attacks.

"This visit to Nariman House for him is very, very emotional. And it's very, very sensitive," Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, who runs the Chabad House, told reporters. "We are very excited to meet Moshe, who's not a baby anymore but will always remain a baby in our hearts," he also said.

Let us rewind a bit. Covering the attacks was probably one of the most challenging assignment. It was tough, challenging and not to mention, extremely emotional.

As Moshe arrived in Mumbai, my memories were drawn back to that fateful day. I can never forget or get over the cries of by a two-year-old baby.

It was December 1 2008 and the horrific Mumbai 26/11 attack had just come to an end. I wanted to be at the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai and extend my support to Moshe who back then was referred by all of us as 'Baby Moshe.

Those brutal terrorists from Pakistan had launched an attack on the Nariman or Chabad House and killed Baby Moshe's parents Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg.

As the two-year-old boy sat on his caretaker's lap he would weep ask for his Imma. He clearly had not realised what had happened and only kept asking for his mother.

There was not a single person in the hall who did not have tears in their eyes. Baby Moshe would go quiet and be engrossed with the red ball in the hand. However, the silence would not be for long and he would call out for his mother again.

The baby cries interrupted the prayer service several times. The Rabbi too had to stop the service the emotion was written large on his face too. The entire hall stood in shock as Baby Moshe's cries filled the room.

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