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Watch simulation: How BMD interceptor missile tracks and zeros in on target satellite

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New Delhi, Mar 27: India's test of shooting down a live satellite in the low earth orbit (LEO) using an anti-satellite (A-SAT) missile is truly a historic achievement. The technological capability that India exhibited today is quite advanced and complex.

Watch simulation: How BMD interceptor missile tracks and zeros in on target satellite

Only the US, Russia and China have demonstrated this capability to hit a live target in space till now. This test of A-SAT weapon system not only shows that India can develop highly complex space technologies on its own, but also adds a new dimension to country's warfare capabilities.

What is Anti-satellite (ASAT) Missile?What is Anti-satellite (ASAT) Missile?

A three-stage interceptor BMD missile was used for the test. First, a radar tracked down the satellite to be hit, then it tracked the movement of the target satellite. After this, the interceptor missile was launched from a launcher. The missile then hurled towards the sky, and while closing in on the target, the first and the second stages of the interceptor seperated. As the final module approached the target, it locked on the satellite to be destroyed using the tracking information provided by the radar. Then it hit the target which was an out of service Indian satellite.

Here is the simulation of how A-SAT BMD interceptor missile works and hits the target:

'Mission Shakti' operation was a difficult target to achieve which was completed successfully within three minutes of launch.

India's A-SAT weapon capability to serve as deterrent, not threatIndia's A-SAT weapon capability to serve as deterrent, not threat

DRDO chairman G Satheesh Reddy said they have mastered anti-satellite capability and have shown that the satellites at long ranges can be hit with a few centimetres accuracy.

No country has used an A-SAT against another nation till date. In all the instances, the nations testing anti-satellite missiles have targeted one of their defunct satellites to showcase their space warfare capabilities.

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