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Voice: By the people, for the people

By Neetu Jain & Neha Jain
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Bengaluru, July 12: Democracy is one of the best form of governance where people's mandate is required, Hence it is people's government which elects them to fulfil their needs and provide solutions to the problems by framing good policies. Democracy is successful when there is good governance.

Good governance is successful when there is transparency accountability and choosing of eligible public administration.

Voice: By the people, for the people

General views regarding good governance:

What government policy supports the theme of good governance from 2014-19?

Person A-"policies regarding affordability and the general price levels of basic amenities should be focused on more than anything else. So that way, GST (though it's half credited to the UPA-II) and Demonetisation are examples of good governance. Even though problematic in short run, these do ensure a fair and white economy with minimal taxes, in the longer run."

Person B-" There were certain welfare schemes by the NDA 1 such as the 'Saubhagya yojana', the ujjwala yojana, the swachch Bharat abhiyan which focused on construction of toilets in villages, etc. These welfare schemes were also matched with fiscal prudence as the inflation rates nominal and the fiscal deficit was never too much.
The government also had a live dashboard of the status of all their schemes in a website. We as citizens could track the progress of the schemes and actually see them being implemented such as the saubhagya scheme. "

Person C-" For me effective governance is all about anything that allows the public their own space for developing their abilities and capacities
Considering the time period given, it's Modi govt at that time so it can be how the grievances of the public are solved through letters, tweets(Indians stuck somewhere outside the country.)
Implementation of bank loan scheme to reach out to millions of rural youth.

Person D -"Agriculture Export Policy - diversify export of agricultural products in terms of quantity and exporters."

What is the role of Public Administration in enhancing GG in India?

Person A-"In most cases the benefits of macro level policies of the Government don't reach the grassroots level, if not implemented properly. This is where Public Administration and the coordination among bureaucrats and the politicians come into picture."

Person B- "The implementation of government schemes depend on the quality of the public administration so they're implicitly responsible for the quality of governance. It is also the duty of the public administration to bring to notice to their political counterparts, the requirement of a new policy or highlight the flaws of a current policy and suggest improvements. "

Person C-" Public Administration is the bridge between the government and the masses. Execution of policies and effective use of policies cannot be achieved without Public Administrators."

Shaky Government:

Shaky government is either due to coalition parties or unstable party due to internal groupisms which does not allow government to work smoothly and leads to chaos and prevents them to run a good government and decision making.

Views of the public regarding shaky government

Effect of shaky government on policies:

Person A-"Politics of power often leading to delay in the implementation process of a bill or policy"

Person B-" A Shaky Government means no permanent policy. Policies need time influence financial growth. The execution and implementation of a policy will suffer under an unstable government."

Person C-"It's quite evident that in a instable government, the policy proposals will be reviewed and modified several times before finalizing it, which is good in a way, but bad too if the entire focus from its "implementation" shifts to the decision making. And in most cases people don't review or tend to modify with the intention to make it better, but just to be able to prove their superiority by finding out a flaw in other party members' ideas. Also ensuring coordination in such cases is quite a task."

Person D -"We have a live example of the Karnataka government. Efficient policies cannot be passed and implemented. The time which was supposed to be spent on governance is being spent on politics and saving a coalition. The policies cannot be tracked when a government is shaky. Moreover, good policies may not be passed as there may be conflicting interests among the different coalition parties. (Eg. When the CPI pulled out of the MMS government as a deal was being signed with the U.S.A)"

Snap polls:

Snap polls is a result of a shaky government when there is a political instability. Snap polls is an election that is called earlier than expected. It refers to a Swift and unforeseen decision taken by the party to conduct elections before the fixed term deadline thus affecting the implementation of policies.

In India snap polls were conducted in 1998 and 1999.in 1998 when Indian National Congress left the United front government led by a I K Gujral no party was able to create a strong majority as result new elections were called .In 1999 BJP coalition government led by PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee failed to win the conference vote in lok Sabha. In Telangana TRS leader k Chandrasekhar rao recommended the legislative assembly to conduct snap elections despite of being a stable government. He went for early elections in 2018 where he resigned 9 months before the completion of his term because of the development of Telangana.

Views of general public:

Can snap polls help the incumbent government from coming in power again?

Person A-" No I don't see it happening due to the much prevalent Modi wave. Also there's no quintessential better alternative in Indian Politics (including the incumbent government) as of now to compel the people to rethink and reconsider."
Person B-" Mostly I think so.. Due to general public having less time to prepare for but that too only if the current government is alteast of some good."

Henceforth there can be better changes in the prevailing government system:

  • Proper planning of policies in all domains
  • Proper implementation
  • Efficient and effective public administration

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