US civil nuclear deal is in India's 'best interests': Scientist Kakodar

Posted By: PTI
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Indore, Feb 20: Noted scientist and former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Anil Kakodkar on Feb 19 hailed the civil nuclear deal with the US as being in the "best interests" of the country, since it would enable India to meet its growing energy demand.

"To meet India's growing energy demands, nuclear power is a better option, but in our country its fuel, uranium is not available in abundance. Efforts are being made to search it in the country and it is being imported from other nations," he said.

Modi and Obama

"The country needed international treaties and support to lift the ban on its import. The civil nuclear deal is in the interest of the country since it will help enhance the country's nuclear energy capabilities and meet the nation's growing energy demands," Kakodkar said while addressing the 31st Foundation Day function of the Raja Ramanna Centre for Advance Technology (RRCAT).

"The country's nuclear programme is based on well thought out three-stage programme. The priority fuel available in the country for it is Thorium. First, we should begin with Uranium reactors and move on to Thorium by further developing the programme," he said.

The former AEC chairman said, "Solar and nuclear energy are two better options to meet the country's growing energy demand for the next 50 years. We have to focus on their appropriate development and use."

He said that at present 5,000 MW power is being generated through nuclear energy and different projects having a total capacity of 43,000 MW are in the last phase of completion.

Earlier, in his address Kakodkar said, "As long as the country depends on other nations for technology, it will remain behind them in that sphere. Only by innovating in new technology can India rise. For this we have to encourage innovation in the field of technology."

"The youth are quite experimental in nature. We should give them a chance so that they become successful in taking their experiments to a logical level," he said.


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