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US and India to join hands to further alienate Pakistan for supporting terrorism


New Delhi, Nov 27: The way Pakistan continues to defend perpetrators of terrorism especially those involved in 26/11 Mumbai attack, both the United States and India have raised objection over Pakistan's stand of ignoring the issue and not bringing such people to book. This stand of Pakistan will invite serious troubles for it. The US and India have indicated that they might try to reign in Pakistan with the help of United Nations and force it to control organisations like Lashkar e Toiba and others in its territory.

US and India to join hands to further alienate Pakistan for supporting terrorism

Sources said that Pakistan is alienated due to its policy on terrorism and despite undergoing serious financial crisis none is coming forward to help it. International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already refused it, China's terms and conditions for loan are very tough and that are making them slaves of the country and Saudi Arabia agreed to provide some amount to save itself from alienation. In such a situation banking on China and ignoring rest of the world might proved to be fatal for Pakistan.

Jehadi attack in Pakistan, a wake up call for ChinaJehadi attack in Pakistan, a wake up call for China

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan indirectly cocked a snook at the US President Donald Trump in a veiled attack who accused Islamabad of not helping the US in its fight against terrorism that 'war on terror' as an "imposed war" on Pakistan and Pakistan would never fight such a war inside the country. So there is a clear indication of Pakistan not taking any action on terrorism.

National Security Adviser (NSA) of both the countries had discussed the matter and may discuss it further when need be that how to go about it as all attempts made by the international community is foiled by China to support Pakistan. US Secretary of State Mike Popio tweeted by expressing his sympathy towards the six US national killed in 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai and expressed condolence towards the families of other 160 people killed in the attack.

People involved in this incidence have not yet been punished even after 10 years of the incidence. He asked all the countries to take appropriate action on organisations like Laskar e Toiba who failed to do much in this regard so far. He specifically named Pakistan. This is for the first time that the US has taken such a tough stand on Mumbai terrorist attack and issued such statement naming Pakistan.

26/11: Cops were afraid, let Kasab and accomplice flee from railway station26/11: Cops were afraid, let Kasab and accomplice flee from railway station

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj welcomed the decision of the US secretary of stat and asked Pakistan to take tough measures on terrorists roaming free in Pakistan. As per external affairs ministry, NSAs of the both the countries had discussed the matter recently. Pakistan has always been taking dual stand on terrorism and has always been diverting the issue. External affairs ministry has always been of the view that from conspiracy to execution, everything was done by Pakistan and even former PM of Pakistan recently accepted that they were sent from Pakistan.

The government of India requested Pakistan to get rid of its present policy of duality on terrorism and must work to get perpetrators of terrorism to book. It is their international obligation that justice must be given to people killed in the attack and India is constantly trying for it.

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