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Urban Naxals-2: How an anti Hindu force was being built


New Delhi, Aug 30: In a bid to strengthen their movement, the naxalites realised the importance of setting up a dedicated force in the urban areas. Literature prepared by the naxals themselves reveal that they were for long planning a strong urban force.

While in part one of this series, we dealt with how the urban force was planning on infiltrating into the Indian Army and other security forces, in the second part, we look at a plot that involved creating a strong force against the majority community.

Urban Naxals-2: How an anti Hindu force was being built

A 53 page document titled,"CPI (Maoist)-Urban Perspective," prepared by Govindan Kutty states that there is a need to bring together the minority community and fight against the majority.

Strengthen urban organisations:

The document states, "an important call of the Ninth Congress is to build a broad UF (Urban Force) of all secular forces and persecuted religious minorities such as Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs against the Hindu fascist forces. Since a large proportion of the minorities are urbanized and since the attacks of the Hindu fascists are as yet mostly concentrated in the cities, this UF has basically been the responsibility of the urban organisation."

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"This task has appeared in our documents now from many years, but very little has as yet been done. One of the explanations for this failure is the weakness of our urban organisations, but the other more important reason is our neglect of work among the minorities."

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Need to do more:

"The above UF cannot be built merely by uniting some secular individuals on the basis of a political programme. In order to be effective it has to involve the masses, particularly the masses from the minorities. This therefore means that we must have substantial grassroots work among the minorities, particularly the Muslim masses who are the most numerous and the worst victims of the Hindu fascists' atrocities."

"However due to extreme ghettoisation in almost all Indian cities, this is only possible if we take a conscious decision to shift out at least some forces from Hindu dominated areas and base them in the slums and localities inhabited by the Muslim poor. This would be the first step to building any united front."

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"The actual UF organisations would generally be in the form of legal democratic bodies uniting various genuine secular forces as well as organizations of the persecuted minorities. Such organisations should have a programme basically targeting the Hindu fascist organisations and aiming to unite the masses of all communities. We should on this basis conduct propaganda and agitation among both minority and majority sections and attempt to unite the many to isolate and defeat the few Hindu fascist diehards. Booklets and other propaganda aids explaining the organisations' stands and exposing the fascist organisations' positions should be used. In areas with a history of communal conflicts, genuine peace committees, mohalla committees, and all- community protection teams should be set up."

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Issue based fronts:

"Issue based joint front organisations can also be built. These could be to fight for the punishment of the perpetrators of pogroms on the minorities, to oppose Hindu communal legislation, to fight against the saffronisation of education, etc. These fronts too should have a mass approach and attempt to widely mobilise secular sections, as well as those most affected."

"As the Hindu fascists push ahead with their agenda, the task of building this UF becomes all the more urgent. All urban organizations should plan concretely to bring this into practice," the document further reads.

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