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Narendra Modi corners Rahul Gandhi, questions Robert Vadra's role


Modi corners Rahul, question Vadra
Kasargod, April 8: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed a Bharat Vijay rally here in Kasargod. He will later address rallies in Karnataka. Following are the highlights of his rallies-

Highlights of the rally in Bangalore, Karnataka

"I have travelled across Karnataka a lot, but have never seen the election fever this time like never before. It seems that the election is not being contested by any political party, but the people," he said, He also added,"This is the first election of this kind where the results are out before the elections. Do you think the Congress can stand the elections?"

"The youth has realised that if things go on this way then the future is dark. This country has 70 crore young people, which is underutilised." " I wish to make your dreams, ambitions as mine."

"Rahul Gandhi is a bluff. It was not his Congress, but Vajpayee's government that brought in the IT Act. The growth in IT export was 40% then, but when UPA came the growth reduced to 30%."

"Government here imports more than exporting and third in the imported products is electronic goods. Can't we produce it ourselves? We have the youth and the brains."

People now know the meaning of "Har Haath Loot aur Har Haath Jhooth". He calls the Congress manifesto "Dhokha patra". "In all the dhoka patra you have released since 2009, you said that you would bring down the inflation and increase employment. But, tell me do we see the results?"

"The Vajpayee government had given employment to 6 crore people, but the UPA failed in every way."

"The government had promised to spend Rs 30,000 crore for field development and to give 10 lakh people employment; but where are those promises?"

"Commonwealth Games was a good scope to show the power of 21st century India, we could have impressed the world with our hospitality, but Congress's DNA has har haath loot, har honth jhoot".

The population of South Korea and Karnataka is the same. 16 years ago, S Korea had been host to the Olympic Games, but their hospitality counted them among the developed nations. And what have we done?"

"The country is fed-up of rulers, it needs a servant. And as a servant, I want seek your blessings. Trust me once and I would live up to your expectations. You have given UPA 6 years, give me 6 months to prove myself."

"The earthquake had left no hope; World Bank report had said that the resurrection would need 7 years, but I resurrected in 3 years and the state is booming now."

"We don't want a strong government not to challenge someone, but to start facing challenges with pride."

"If the map for infrastructure took 7 years to be "mapped in the mind", it will take 600 years to implement."

"The reason behind the country's fall is bad governance."

Highlights of the rally in Mysore, Karnataka

"People have made it a point to punish the Congress Party for looting and ruining the nation," said Modi.

He also added, "Corruption and loot seems in the DNA of Congress. Generations may change, the leader will change but Congress Niyat is unchanged."

"I assure you, vote for BJP in large numbers and give us over 300 seats and I assure you I will serve as your Chowkidaar," said Modi while attacking Rahul Gandhi who a day earlier slammed the former over his statement of being a chowkidar (watchman).

Speaking about Adarsh Housing scam, in which many Congress leaders including Ashok Chavan allegedly were involved, Modi said BJP should be given at least 60 months to serve the nation. The leader also urged people not to vote for Congress.

He also cornered Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi as he questioned about his brother-in-law Robert Vadra's alleged role in several corruption cases.

"Tourism has the potential to give work to the poorest of the poor," asserted Modi while speaking about tourism business opportunity in Mysore.

Speaking about BJP manifesto, which was released on Monday, BJP PM nominee said, "in our manifesto we have talked extensively about setting up infrastructure to draw tourists from all over the world."

Wooing the people of Karnataka, where he has been attending several rallies since Tuesday morning, Modi said, "Since the morning I am in Karnataka I have never seen such enthusiasm."

Highlights of the rally in Koppal, Karnataka

Narendra Modi questioned the Congress's RTI Act saying that RTI didn't benefit anybody. "Did the RTI give you food, did it help in any way? Do you lock up coal in your house, does anybody rob the coal from your house, look at the Delhi govt they rob coal?" he said.

Modi then took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and said: "RTI ke shezaade, tell who has robbed off the people of toilets in Karnataka. We say bring toilets, they say take RTI. Shezaade says show RTI to people, Congress is making fun of the people."

Speaking about the black money in foreign lands Modi said that all the black money must be brought back. " Should the govt bring the black money back or not? Who is refusing to bring back the black money, it is their money that is in the foreign banks," he said.

Highlights of his rally in Kasargod

Addressing the rally here, Modi said that no one had imagined that this small part of Kerala will have so much of enthusiasm for the BJP rally.

Questioning the people here, Narendra Modi said that this is God's own country, but why are the people leaving the state and going out? "There is so much of scope in the state but nothing has happened. There is an unwritten agreement between UDF and LDF," he said.

Land of tourism is getting converted into a lad of terrorism, Modi said referring to the UDF, LDF influence in the state.

Hitting out at Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Modi said in the list of states with crimes against women, there is no BJP state. There are UPA states and one of them is Kerala. "Kerala youth is looking for jobs but the state cannot offer them jobs. Are the lives of those working abroad safe?," he asked.

Raising the issue of Endosulfan in the state, Modi said: "Farmers are suffering due to Endosulfan but the Centre did nothing. They never took any step against the company nor did they do anything for the people," he said. Modi then raked up the Italian Marines issue and said the Italian Marines killed fishermen but the government did nothing.

"Does the PM, Kerala CM, Defence Minister have the courage to answer my questions on the killing of fishermen," Modi asked. Modi then hit out at AK Anthony saying that he had done nothing for the country's security.

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