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Unusual reunion: Teacher finds her old student flying her plane to Chicago, 30 years later


New Delhi, March 29: The relationship between the student and teacher is always special. Even long gap in time doesn't fade this strong bonding between a teacher and his or her pupil. Recently, one such instance of the special relationship came to the fore when a teacher got to meet her student after a gap of 30 years and neither of them had earth underneath their feet at the moment. For they were flying 30,000 feet into the air at the time!

Unusual reunion: Teacher finds her old student flying her plane to Chicago, 30 years later

Sudha Satyan, a school teacher by profession, was flying to Chicago from India. After she settled down in her seat, the in-flight announcement by the pilot revealed that the plane was being flown by Captain Rohan Bhasin, a former student of Sudha.

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The veteran teacher at once remembered that when he was three, his student Rohan used to address himself as 'Captain Rohan Bhasin'. Out of curiosity, Sudha approached the cabin crew of the flight and then met the pilot and was pleased to see that he was indeed her old student.

Captain Bhasin's mother Nivedita Bhasin later shared the precious reunion of the student with his teacher on Twitter and also put another picture showing them from an earlier time.

"During Playschool admission, the teacher asked my son his name. Nonchalantly he answered, "Capt Rohan Bhasin". And he was just 3. And today, the same teacher was en route to Chicago. And he was indeed the Captain," Bhasin's proud mother wrote on Twitter.

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