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‘United we stand, divided we fall’, India reflects on Republic Day

By Oneindia

New Delhi, Jan 26: As India celebrated its 69th Republic Day on Friday, citizens took time to reflect on issues and concerns plaguing the nation on the momentous occasion.

While we have lists of achievements to our credit in the fields of science, technology, sports, academics and cinema, to name a few, the nation has failed on many fronts.

republic day

If on the one hand, the divide between the rich and poor is growing abnormally with each passing day, on the other hand extremist elements are threatening the very secular and democratic fabric of the country.

Recent times showcased how "medieval" we are in terms of our social behaviour and reaction. The row over the Bollywood film, Padmaavat, is a classic example.

The Hindu right-wing groups defied the Supreme Court's order of screening the film in theatres by resorting to violent protests. The ugly protests over the film gravely harmed the nation's reputation at the international platform.

The protests over the film turned scarier just days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited global business houses to invest in India at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

The PM proudly stated in his speech, "India is replacing red tape with red carpet", to woo global investors. The protests by the goons of Shri Rajput Karni Sena over Padmaavat is a complete anti-thesis of what the PM wants to portray at the international platform by stressing on India's peace and prosperity.

No business house would take the risk to invest in India, if it turns to be another Pakistan. Similarly, the rich-poor gap in the country is increasing every year. The latest report by Oxfam stated that in 2017, 73 per cent of India's wealth has been pocketed by 1 per cent of its rich population.

Once again the report showed how India's rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. At a time when political parties are busy throwing muck at each other to garner votes, the conditions of the poor are getting worse and a minuscule section of the richest has become frighteningly richer.

Amid all the negativities and uncertainties, the mood of the nation was somber on the Republic Day. Messages on social media too clearly reflected the various concerns of the nation.

Here we bring you a few tweets:

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