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Turn off lights, stay home, don’t come on the streets says PM Modi


New Delhi, Apr 03: In a video message to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the 130 crore people of this country to turn off the lights at their homes on Sunday at 9 pm for 9 minutes.

He asked people to come out on their balconies or stand near their doors and light lamps, candles or even flash the torchlight for nine minutes.

Turn off lights, stay home, don’t come on the streets says PM Modi

Modi, however made it clear that people should stand near their doors or on their balconies. He strictly advised the people not to come out on the streets, while emphasising the need for social distancing.

Turn off lights on Sunday at 9 pm, light candles, PM Modi tells nation in video message

Modi said that the purpose of this exercise was to tell the entire country that we are not alone. Let us sit back at this time and think of the rest of our people. Our spirit is greater than any force in the world. Let us sit alone for sometime and think about the people and also our fight against the deadly coronavirus, Modi also said.

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