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Tripura govt starts demolishing illegal offices of political parties

By Vinod

New Delhi: The Tripura government has started demolition of illegal constructions of the political parties on Monday. The government has served notices to demolish all illegal construction including 99 buildings of the CPI (M), 35 of the Congress and some other buildings of many other political parties. These political parties have been served notices but they did not take any actions on it.

Tripura govt starts demolishing illegal offices of political parties

The government sources told One India that lots of government land, forest land and other lands were illegally occupied by political parties to build their offices but the government wants the illegal possession on these lands to be vacated. Actually, these political parties remained in control of these lands by hobnobbing with the then Left government in the state. There are over 150 such illegal buildings of political parties across Tripura.

Sources further said that the government has the clear view to demolishing all illegal construction by the political parties even the offices of the ruling parties would not be spared if built illegally. The government sources are saying that this is an attempt to transform Tripura. The demolition work of political party offices started from Old Motorstand area of West Agartala. These offices were illegally built on government land and forest land.

Tripura govt starts demolishing illegal offices of political parties

Milind Ramteke district magistrate of West Agartala told One India that as per the government decision all the concerned parties have been informed on April 30 and notices were served on them to vacate their illegal occupation within a week's time that ended on Sunday evening. So today Section 144 was imposed in Agartala and demolition work started. Milind Ramteke said that this will go on for 10-15 days as it will be done in the morning hours only so that people of the area don't feel any kind of harassment due to traffic jam and other issues.

Meanwhile, opposition political parties in Tripura objected to the ruling party's decision to demolish structures of various political parties and trade unions illegally built on government land. "It is a fact that offices of the political parties or the offices of trade unions were built up in government land or in forest land. But, those were built long back. The decision to bulldoze them is motivated and a step to stop political activities of the Opposition in the state," CPI (M) state secretary Bijan Dhar said.

Tripura govt starts demolishing illegal offices of political parties

The state government has to withdraw its decision and provide an allotment to the political parties, Dhar said. Dhar, however, said the CPI(M) would not resist if the government demolishes the structures. "We are not going to resist. Rather, we would go for legal recourse", he said.

Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Birajit Sinha, in a separate press meet, said it received notices for demolition of its 35 offices. "There is no denying of the fact that many Congress offices were built on government lands. The government may ask for revenue and provide an allotment to the political parties," he said.

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