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Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon: India time and place

By Deepika

New Delhi, July 24: A total lunar eclipse will take place on the night of July 27 2018 and on the early hours of July 28. Also known as Blood Moon, this would be the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years.

When and where to watch longest lunar eclipse 2018 in India

Known as umbra, the moon will disappear into the Earth's darkest shadow. The phenomenon would last 1 hour and 43 minutes, which is 40 per cent longer than any other blood moon that has occurred in recent times. The moon would be visible in a scarlet red hue.

Total lunar eclipse time in India:

The total lunar eclipse will be fully visible in Delhi. This would begin at 11.44 pm which would be followed by a partial eclipse at 11.54 pm. The total lunar eclipse would start at 1.00 am on July 28. The moon closest to the centre of the shadow will showcase the maximum eclipse at 1.51 am.

The total lunar eclipse 2018 will end at 2.43 am. The partial eclipse will start again at 3.49 am and at 4.58 am, the penumbral eclipse will end. The total duration of the eclipse would be 6.14 hours.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in South America, East Africa, West and Central Asia. At the end of July, Mars too can be witnessed. Mars will be closest to the Earth in decades.

Mars, the Fourth Planet from the Sun, will align with the Earth and the Sun on July 27, for an annual event known as Opposition. This is when the Sun, Earth and Mars will be lined up perfectly, with Mars on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. At that time, Mars will be up all night long, from dusk until dawn, and it will be crossing the sky with the Full Thunder Moon - the smallest, most distant 'apogee' Full Moon of 2018.

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